A Church for All Seasons
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A Church for All Seasons

allseasons1For many years, parishioners have longed for the day when air conditioning would be installed in Holy Rosary Church.

For some time now, plans have been developing to install a split level system in our church. The finance council and pastoral council have reviewed the plans and agree that this is a necessary addition to our worship space. Many ceremonies, such as weddings, have been delayed or adjusted because the summer months can be far too hot for comfort without air conditioning. Our elderly, in particular, suffer from summer’s intense heat. To keep pace with practically every other church in the city, we need to address this issue now.

The additional benefit of this project is the system will also provide heat during colder seasons. The current furnace is about 25 years old and will need to be replaced at some point. Installing this system will supplement the aging furnace. Hence, our title “A Church for All Seasons” describes this important project!

Our people have always responded to our fund raising projects. We have not had a major project since the steps/ handicapped ramp were installed a decade ago! We hope you will respond to this needed enhancement to our church as you did for the steps. The picture in this flyer will give you some idea of what this system will look like and is similar to other churches.

This project, costing approximately $215,000.00, cannot happen without your help! We pray that you will help as best you can as we design a “Church for All Seasons”. Our goal is $150,000.00 as we have capital reserve funds of $65,000.00 allocated to this project.

Fr. Edwards



Your pledge and payments to support this fundraiser will keep our parish financially secure in the future. Our parish is a working class parish that needs everyone to give a helping hand! Please consider that previous major improvements to the church have been helped by gifts from estates. Gifts to the Mary, Mother of God Parish Capital Reserve Fund are funds that guarantee future projects.



Current Needs
& Past Accomplishments 

Current: Install Air Conditioning
($150,000.00 Goal)
Create Capital Reserves for:
Church Roof Replacement
Church Boiler Replacement
Center Roof Replacement

Fix front steps
Repair Steeples
Carpeting in the Church
Update Center lighting
Replace phone system in the office
Replace Rain gutters on Church