Parish Council
Parish Phone: (570) 342-4881
316 William Street - Scranton, PA 18508

Parish Council

The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to foster full  participation of all parishioners in the life and mission of the parish,  the Diocese and the Church Universal.  The parish faith community participates in this mission by growing in holiness; by worshipping  God in Word and Sacrament; and by fostering Christian community through concretely serving those in need, especially the poor.

The Parish Council exists to identify the needs of the parish, to be a link between all the parishioners with the pastoral staff, and to be a means of ensuring that parish needs are met. The work of the Parish Council is based upon the principle that the most effective parish community is one where the greatest number of parishioners have responsibility for the most areas of parish life.   



                                               Parish Council Members 2021:

Pastor:    Rev. Cyril Edwards 
Ex Officio:    Sr. Therese Mary Dougherty, Jay Garvey, Marie Purcell, Deacon Joseph Marcellus, David Regeski   

President  -  Shawn Zehel
Secretary Renee Zehel

Members:   Gerard Pugh, Jocelyn Bailey, Carl Kupchunas, Faith Ann Liuzzo Bartholomew, Carla Skelton,                                        Alex Burda, Ann Orlando, Bill Gaughan, Almida Wilson, Stephanie McLane




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